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Road Testing Information

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Road Test Policies
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Eligibility Requirementes:
No Rental Vehicles Will Be Provided

  1. Please arrive 30 minutes prior to the road test to check in with our staff and obtain the road test permit. If you have booked an appointment over the phone & do not show up you will still be billed full testing costs.
  2. You are required to produce a VALID Alberta Learners permit or Drivers License. (There are exceptions if the client is suspended and the client has met all suspension requirements) If you have a temporary license you may be required to provide a supplementary piece of photo ID i.e., passport, status card etc.
  3. If the road test is for class 4 you are required to provide a valid medical examination and for class 4 and 6 you need to provide a passed knowledge test permit.
  4. The vehicle used for the test must be acceptable for the class of license you are taking. (Vehicle Conditions: Horn, signal lights, brake lights and vehicle equipment must work properly and will be checked before the test begins. Windshield must be in good condition, with no cracks that will impair vision. Vehicle must have enough fuel for the length of the test. Vehicle must be reasonably clean. Pets, passengers (including children), radio or other distractions are not permitted.)
  5. You MUST provide valid registration and insurance for the vehicle being used.
  6. If the vehicle you use for the test is a rental car, you are required to provide a copy of the rental agreement with your name listed on the agreement.
  7. There will be a fee to reclass your license once you have passed the road test, please make sure you have valid ID to reclass your license, ie Passport, Social Insurance Card, Birth Certificate.